Obstacle Avoidance And Overtaking For Autonomous Rally Car Racing

Andrey Markov, Pafnuty Chebyshev, Mike Stilman

Project Abstract:

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Related Work:

What has been done previously? Please download related papers, upload them somewhere and make them clickable. For each paper write a brief description of how it relates to your work. Make a list as follows:

  • A. Blum and M. Furst "Fast Planning Through Planning Graph Analysis" Artificial Intelligence, 90:281—300 (1997). - This paper describes the original GraphPlan algorithm. This is an effective method that has been used both directly as a planner and a heuristic for other planners such as FF. Our work will be extending GraphPlan to time domains by including the notion of continuous lengths of steps into GraphPlan. Originally, GraphPlan was designed for steps of a fixed duration.

Proposed Work:

In as much detail as possible, describe your proposed work. Separate this description into the planning (autonomous decision making) challenges and others. Make sure to include both the problems you will be solving and the methods you expect to use to solve those problems.

Planning Challenges
What about your problem makes it interesting from the perspective of planning. What challenges will you encounter that basic planners / motion planners / controllers do not address.
Proposed Solutions
How will your work address these challenges. Be as specific as possible
Implementation Challenges
What other problems do you expect to face in your implementation? Will you need some kind of robot hardware / software / sensors? Will you need to solve any problems in addition to planning.
Proposed Solutions
What algorithms will be required to make these tools useful to your planner? How will you acquire them / implement them?


General Task FirstName 1 FirstName 2 FirstName 3
Week 1 Get project ready to present. Organize, Read References Write Document Create Presentation
Week 2 Create simulation, Intiial Control tests Ensure Progress, Update Plan, Report Create Simulator Try Initial Planners / Controls
Week n etc.

Week 1

What did you accomplish? What results do you have to show for it. Pictures and videos are always welcome!

Week 2

Week 3

Week N

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