Autonomous Juggling

Kasemsit T., Hai-Ning W., Hae Won P.

Project Abstract:

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Related Work:

Proposed Work:

In as much detail as possible, describe your proposed work. Separate this description into the planning (autonomous decision making) challenges and others. Make sure to include both the problems you will be solving and the methods you expect to use to solve those problems.

Planning Challenges
What about your problem makes it interesting from the perspective of planning. What challenges will you encounter that basic planners / motion planners / controllers do not address.
Proposed Solutions
How will your work address these challenges. Be as specific as possible
Implementation Challenges
What other problems do you expect to face in your implementation? Will you need some kind of robot hardware / software / sensors? Will you need to solve any problems in addition to planning.
Proposed Solutions
What algorithms will be required to make these tools useful to your planner? How will you acquire them / implement them?


Week 1 Write this document. Create a presentation for the class. Split work
Week 2 Work on Project 2
Week 3 Detailed brainstorming on LQR-tree / setup Simulation Environment
Week 4 Trajectory Tracking / Angle Control implementation
Week 5 Trajectory Tracking / Angle Control implementation
Week 6 Combine with Simulation
Week 7 Debug
Week 8 Final Presentation / Report

Week 1

<Be able to answer theses questions>
How can LQR-tree be applied to trajectory planning?
How should we control the angle of the paddle?
How should we control the force of the paddle? (might be included in trajectory planning)

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